I am absolutely passionate about and fascinated with translating, this process of getting the gist of a text, the message of the author across in the target language so that its readers understand exactly what was meant in the original. Each text is an adventure and a challenge for me to form something new, based on the original, in a creative and still precise way in order to get exactly the result that is needed.


It has always been a joyful and fascinating task for me to immerse myself in the rich layers and refined shades of meaning in a given language. How does communication work and when does it fail? From early on I have been looking for answers to these questions, wanting to understand the structures and principles behind, the meaning between words and lines.


My love for the English language started in school and has continued and further developed throughout my educational career as well as during stays abroad in England, Scotland, Canada and New York. Today I master English nearly on the same level as my mother tongue German and I continuously develop my skills.


What does the Katta have to do with it all? Well, I chose the Katta - a lemur living in Madagascar - as my mascot for several reasons. Firstly, Katta groups are led by a female - which is unique in the world of primates. Secondly, Kattas are very skilful climbers who can vanquish difficult obstacles such as steep faces - just as I vanquish obstacles during the process of translating. And thirdly, I just like these cute-looking animals with their striking and beautiful black-and-white tails which they use as a signal, putting them vertically in the air, or as a balancing pole during their jumps high in the trees.