The fees that I take for my services depend on various factors such as subject and difficulty of the text, its length, format etc. The deadline of the project plays a role, too. For this reason I can't make a general statement on this issue. I have to see the original document beforehand to get a realistic idea of the time and effort involved in the project. Then I negotiate the definite price with you, taking your individual situation into account. So I cordially invite you to just contact me to talk about your individual translation project.



I translate general and specialised text documents from English into German and also from German into English (in specific cases). My focus is on documents in the areas of (mobile) communication, tourism/travel, alternative healing methods, and household appliances.


  Proofreading and editing


You can give me any text in German or translated into German for proof-reading and comparison with the original English text. I verify that the text is in itself or in comparison with the original complete, consistent, and correct.





I will transform a text which has been pre-translated by a translation tool into a linguistically correct, well readable and understandable text. Text documents translated by machines still often need correction as to content, context and grammar because translation tools can’t perceive in all areas the refined structures and layers of meaning in a text nor the interrelation between words and sentences when the text structure gets more complicated.



  subtitling / transcription


It will be my pleasure to translate subtitles into German for you which have already been created and put down into writing in English language. I also offer transcription services for contents in English or German language, i.e. transfer oral content into written texts and/or producing subtitles with their corresponding time codes.